Dresser Tip Over Accidents & IKEA Child Death Settlement
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Dresser Tip Over Accidents & IKEA Child Death Settlement

Cincinnati, Ohio product liability lawyer and consumer safety attorney reviewing furniture defects, dresser tip-over accidents and the recent IKEA child death lawsuit settlement.

The furniture retailer Ikea has agreed to pay a $46 million wrongful death settlement in a product liability and consumer safety lawsuit filed by the parents of a toddler who was allegedly killed by an Ikea dresser. The dresser model had been recalled after reports of at least five other child deaths.

Ikea has been under legal pressure for the last few years due to serious furniture accidents and related child deaths. In 2016, Ikea reached a similar $50 million settlement with other families with children who were allegedly killed by furniture tip over accidents.

Plaintiffs have argued that Ikea was aware of the safety hazards and tip-over risk of the Malm line of dressers, and failed to warn customers of the unstable design. The company did not recall the product until after several children were injured or killed.

Joe Lyon is a highly-rated product liability attorney and furniture defect lawyer representing plaintiffs nationwide in a wide variety of consumer product safety and dresser tip-over injury lawsuits.

Dresser Tip-over Accidents

After injury reports began reaching the CPSC and Ikea, the company failed to recall their dressers, and only offered free wall-anchoring kits to customers. Ikea eventually issued a full Malm dresser recall in June 2016.

Furniture hazards are often overlooked by consumers, and consumer product safety attorneys argue that manufacturers should have a duty to properly test their products before they are sold. Children have a tendency to climb on furniture, and if the products are improperly weighted or unstable in design, they may tip over and topple on top of children, crushing and suffocating them.

Furniture may not meet safety standards, yet this largely goes unnoticed in many cases. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) does not have the resources to test every new product, and furniture companies often do not take the initiative to test products before they are marketed and sold to the public.

Consumer product safety groups say Ikea dresser tip over deaths are merely the tip of the iceberg, and other cheap furniture poses safety risks. Consumer protection advocates have pressed congress to develop safety rules for free-standing furniture to protect children from death or injury from tip-over accidents.

IKEA Furniture Tip-Over Accidents & Deaths

Other reported deaths with Ikea dressers or chests include:

  • February 2016: A 22-month-old boy from Minnesota died after a MALM chest fell on him.
  • June 2014: A 23-month-old boy from Washington died after he was trapped beneath a MALM 3-drawer chest.
  • February 2014: A 2-year-old boy from Pennsylvania died after an unanchored Ikea chest tipped over and trapped him.
  • September 2011: A 2-year-old boy from Virginia died after a MALM 3-drawer chest fell over and trapped him between the dresser drawers.
  • July 1989: A 20-month-old girl died after a GUTE 4-drawer chest tipped over and pinned her against a bed.
  • March 2002: A boy from New Jersey died after an Ikea RAKKE chest tipped over and fatally pinned him.
  • October 2007: A 3-year-old girl died after an IKEA chest tipped over and fatally trapped her against the floor.

IKEA Dresser Recall

Ikea eventually recalled its dressers after an eighth child was killed. The Consumer Product Safety Commission said Ikea had received 186 reports of incidents with Malm style chests and dressers, with more than 90 injury reports.

Ikea recalled the Malm three-drawer, four-drawer, five-drawer and six-drawer models, as well as some other dressers with tipping hazards. The company first issued a recall in June 2016, which included about 29 million units.

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